Residence for hosting

You can find us in google map with the name "The Old Bus Anogia 72400"

In a pure (untouched), wild and quiet coast of Crete, we have The Old Bus - residence for hosting, next to the sea, overlooking the horizon from sunrise to sunset.

Suitable for artists and those who are looking for peace of mind and an alternative lifestyle. For travelers who are looking for something magical, who want to connect to themselves and the land this IS the place!

As there is really nothing around but nature, it really offers a space to simply 'be', watch the stars, be quiet and connect...

The bus is in northern coastline of Crete, just an hour and ten minutes drive from the Heraklion Airport. Once over the mountains the winding road leads you to down to secluded beaches, clear waters, stunning views and the welcoming smiles of Dora and Giorgos.

You can find The Old Bus in Google map if you write in your search: The Old Bus Anogia 72400.

In this place we live and create in recent years, we live here all year long, we learn to exist without the comforts of an organized society.

We are the only, permanent residents in the area.

The bus is a piece of art work, the space is big, clean and bright

Connected (with internal entrance) is an elevated room which looks over the sea, which can be used for yoga, dance, writing etc. and of course for Art workshop, with panoramic views for inspired creations. This studio has also its own entrance - exit.

In this studio, you can observe the starry night sky, all over around (there is no electric lighting in the whole area, only the cities lights far far away on the coastline). Also at night you can create a very romantic atmosphere with the "Fairy's lights" that adorn this room.

Up to 4 people can be accommodated in The Old Bus and in the studio. In The Old Bus there is one double and one single bed and in studio there is a bed (200x90cm) that is also used as a sofa. These spaces are intended exclusively for guests.

In your residence (Bus - Studio) you will be completely independent with your own auxiliary spaces (kitchen - WC - shower). There is an outdoor kitchen, seating area and hammocks. There isn't hot water for shower, only if you boiled it.

There is no electricity supply network in the area. To cover your needs, we have power supply with solar panels (photovoltaic).

There is wifi internet, the signal is good enough.

In the same field there are also a vegetable garden and a small house under construction that we live in.